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Steel roof replacement and repair throughout the Wellington region.
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Roof Replacement and Repair Wellington

Steel Roof Replacement

If your steel (corrugated iron) roof is beyond repair, ​we can provide you with a free, no obligation quote for a full replacement.  

Steel Roof Repair and Maintenance

There are many things you can do to prolong the life of your steel roof before you need to replace it.

One Less Job can:

  • Remove old lead-head nails or rusty screws and replace them with new roof screws
  • Replace rusty sections of roof with new sheets of long-run roofing iron
  • Replace rusty flashings, especially around chimneys and pipes (dust and debris can collect in these places, keeping the iron damp and resulting in rust patches).
  • Locate and repair leaks

Why Choose Us?

  • We use quality Colorsteel or Colorcote roofing, made for New Zealand conditions
  • We are licenced building practioners with more than 20 years roofing experience
  • We’re a small business so can provide highly competitive quotes
  • We provide workmanship warranties, and organise materials warranties from the supplier
  • We make sure you’re happy with the job once we’re done.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my roof rusting around my lead-head nails?

Over 30 years ago, roofs were fixed with lead head nails. Over time the lead has reacted with the steel and the result is that the steel has corroded. If the corrosion is slight, we can remove the lead head nails, treat the rust and replace with roof screws. If the corrosion is major and your roof has started leaking, you will need to replace your roof.

Why are my roof screws rusting or deteriorating?

Roof screws come in various classes. Some of these classes have been found to deteriorate quickly in New Zealand’s harsh UV and salt air climate. We now use a different class of screw that are more suited to our environment. If your roof screws have rusted we can remove and replace them with the recommended class of screw.

How do I know my roof needs replacing?

If your roof is showing signs of leaking (dark patches, mould, or water coming through your ceiling, visible signs of rust on your roof or roof screws, or lead-head nails rolling off the roof) and it can’t be fixed with a simple repair, you’re generally likely to need to replace it.

Do I need to be home when you’re working?

No, and in fact it can be quite noisy inside with someone on the roof! We may need access to power and if we do, we will arrange with you to have an extension lead left out of a window.


“The “One Less Job” team were very approachable and helpful with initial scoping my re-roofing project. They kept me informed through planning the project which was then completed within the timeframe we discussed.
I would have no hesitation recommending “One Less Job” to undertake a reroofing or new build project for you, I know they will provide you with a reliable, high quality end to end service and no surprises when the work is carried out.” – Alastair H


“I highly recommend Colin. He was very easy to work with and kept me well informed throughout the process. He did a great job in replacing my roof and I am very happy with the result.” – Nicki S

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